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  1. Prepare the legal framework for homeland security, counter-terrorism, and critical infrastructure protection:
    1. Discuss the coopetition relationship between relevant domestic laws, regulations, and national security-related legal system.
    2. Analyze the development trend of the international legal system related to homeland security.
    3. Analyze the development trend of the international legal system related to homeland security.
  2. Combine all-hazards risk management and control mechanism:
    1. Facilitate effective collaborations between the Homeland Security Policy Committee, the Central Disaster Prevention and Response Council, the All-out Defense Mobilization Committee, and the National Information & Communication Security Task Force.
    2. Strengthen risk management and joint response capacities for compound disasters.
    3. Improve the contingency response structure and mechanisms through continuously revising the Guidelines for Contingency Response Plans and Operations of Homeland Security, Guidelines for National Critical Infrastructure Protection action plan, and Operation Directions on Homeland Security Contingency Notification after reviewing drills and implementations.
  3. Establish a "National Security Response Network":

    Integrate mechanisms for counter-terrorism activities, disaster prevention and rescue, All-out Defense and Mobilization, nuclear incidents, infectious diseases, toxic disaster response, border control, and information security in order to establish a "National Security Response Network" based on the professional division of labor and mutual collaboration.